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Services What Makes Us Special Quality and timely service is our goal! Welcome to our new site!

We are a factory-authorized service center for Evinrude outboards and can perform your warranty and maintenance needs. We service all major brands of outboard motors.
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What Makes Us Special

We are a go-to supplier – and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommended – for parts that are hard to find, obsolete, no longer manufactured, or current model factory backordered for:

  • Evinrude & Johnson outboards
  • OMC drive systems
  • Cobra drives
  • Gale products
Quality and timely service is our goal!

Stone & Sons Marine maintains complete parts, accessories and service staff year round. We are available to assist you almost any time. Quality and timely service is our goal.

Welcome to our new site!

Need to rebuild that Johnson, Evinrude, or OMC outboard motor? Well, you’ve come to the right place!! Stone and Sons Marine offers quite possibly the largest selection of new, used, and rebuilt parts for your Johnson and Evinrude outboard or OMC Sterndrive / Cobra Drive. All of our new outboard parts are factory brand genuine OMC parts. All of our used outboard parts are carefully inspected

Outboard Parts News

Control your step….

Control your step

It’s very common to find tight controls on most of the boats we service.

As you can see in this pic the cable has about a 30 degree bend in it.

In most cases the customer has had someone step on the cables, located at the rear of the boat.

Other possibilities are when the motor is tilted the control cables contact an area in the well of deck of the boat.

Over time this will break the internal cable and you could be faced with a very dangerous situation.

So if you have a tight control- check the area where the cables enter your motor; if they look like this replace them.

By the way – stop using grease to lubricate your steering arm. It traps dirt inside the cylinder and builds up. Simply use motor oil and coat it, and wide it down. A few good turns will help it stay good for the next time you’re on the water.

Drain the Carbs?- Do or Not To-Do….that is the question ….

We are fast approaching the off season. Fewer daylight hours always seem to equate with less time spent on the water.

We are often asked, “what will keep my boat in good running condition?”

The short answer is using it…but we understand that is simply not an option at times.

  • Old gas is your enemy- With these new blends of ethonal gas that are being produced, its no mystery its causing all kinds of issues. BUT will running out all the gas by unplugging the fuel line from the motor help? – NOPE! – more...

Having a “Meltdown” on the water is never a good thing …..

Sooner or later there will be a decision you make, that you wish you could have gone back and choose differently.

Perhaps you are walking down the isle of a boating section, shopping for 2-stroke oil…Hey, lots of choices, and “they must all be the same since they have the TC-W3 on the label?” … you might think again on that.

They are not all created equal, and yes you do get what you pay for…. as the old saying goes.

We are not scientist, here to show you graphs and data …blah, blah, blahhhhh …..

What we can provide are result of going cheap on oil for your outboard. SEE PICTURE

You more...

Even a new part/ new motor can be bad

Check this out folks!

Just because you purchase a new motor don’t think all is clear!

Manufactures are people just like you and I.

And we all have good and bad days.

This is a brand new carburetor bowl, and as you can see there will be a problem!

It’s just a matter of when? Once that piece of metal flakes off, who knows what issues it will cause… and when. Hopefully not right after your manufactures warranty expires.

This is another reason to do regular maintenance to inspect your motor for any possible actions that might leave you “STUCK” more...


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