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Services What Makes Us Special Quality and timely service is our goal! Welcome to our new site!

We are a factory-authorized service center for Evinrude outboards and can perform your warranty and maintenance needs. We service all major brands of outboard motors.
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What Makes Us Special

We are a go-to supplier – and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommended – for parts that are hard to find, obsolete, no longer manufactured, or current model factory backordered for:

  • Evinrude & Johnson outboards
  • OMC drive systems
  • Cobra drives
  • Gale products
Quality and timely service is our goal!

Stone & Sons Marine maintains complete parts, accessories and service staff year round. We are available to assist you almost any time. Quality and timely service is our goal.

Welcome to our new site!

Need to rebuild that Johnson, Evinrude, or OMC outboard motor? Well, you’ve come to the right place!! Stone and Sons Marine offers quite possibly the largest selection of new, used, and rebuilt parts for your Johnson and Evinrude outboard or OMC Sterndrive / Cobra Drive. All of our new outboard parts are factory brand genuine OMC parts. All of our used outboard parts are carefully inspected

Outboard Parts News

When A Memory is a BAD Thing

When A Memory is a BAD Thing

Your outboard water pump is a two-stage pump containing a rubber impeller.

At low speeds ,the pump operates as a full displacement Friction pump. At higher speeds, the impeller blades bend back under the increased water pressure and the pump becomes a centrifugal action pump.

In the photo you can see on the right side the impellers have blades that have developed a memory from sitting in the housing for an extended period of time, they have lost their blade tension and this will result in low pump pressure at lower RPM or slower speeds of operation.

You will see water exiting your motor ” BUT ” you may be running it in the upper range of operating temperature.

It’s a good idea to replace your water pump every two years, even more more...

Evinrude E-Tec, problems ???




We keep in tune with what people say about the E-TEC outboard motors. Stone and Sons Marine has been an Evinrude/ Johnson warranty repair station since 1968. Stone & Sons does not sell motors, we only repair them, along with every other brand. We know E-TEC outboards…PERIOD. We have had a number of E-TEC’s come through our shop since they came out in 2004. Most of them have been in for general maintenance. We have done some major warranty repair on a hand full of models but in almost every case, the issue was either angler or design issues and could have been more...

Do I really need to wax it???

We see all shapes and sizes come through the shop.

Sure we get the new high end boats, with the new gadgets that do all kinds of things. We also get the older boats that have been around for 30+ years. Some are even older and pre-date fiberglass hulls, and belong in a antique motor shows.

One thing that needs to be done to almost all of them is they require maintenance to the surface of the boat it self. About the only one that does not is the metal aluminum Jon boats, but it would help with their color fading and chalking.

We have seen plenty of fiberglass boats with a dull, chalky appearance. It’s the result of oxidation, which is the slow degradation of the gel coat’s surface due to interaction with air and sunlight. A fiberglass maintenance regime including lots of wax is the best way to prevent it, since wax creates a protective barrier for the gel coat.

  • Resale Value
  • Hull intergradation
  • and Looks

Are all primary reasons for WAXING your boat.

Did you know a boat’s hull will literally become weaker due to UV damage? That hull will become weak and brittle and easily crack…..yep, nothing last forever but you speed up the break down by doing nothing.


Wash the boat first. Get all the containments off the hull, and apply a good marine grade wax….

Our customers use a variety of products, but I have heard the name “Collinite” more than once, along with some 3M products. In reality if you’re doing it more than once a year, it’s better than nothing. If you can only do it once a year use the higher end brands.

Weather you do it yourself or get some helpers, you need to wax it …



Boat Trailer Care

You work fervently on your boat to keep it in like-new condition. You wash and wax it, touch up any chips in the gel coat and polish the chrome, but your boat trailer often goes untouched.

Many trailer problems stay undetected until there is a failure and 99% of these failures occur on the road. It only takes a few minutes to check your trailer. A highway breakdown could destroy your boat, and at the very least involve a long delay and expensive repair.

Trailer tires present the most common problems; flats or loose lugs. These are simple to check; look at the tread wear, if it appears uneven check to see why. Uneven wear could have various more...


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