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Evinrude E-Tec, problems ???

Evinrude E-Tec, problems ???




We keep in tune with what people say about the E-TEC outboard motors. Stone and Sons Marine has been an Evinrude/ Johnson warranty repair station since 1968. Stone & Sons does not sell motors, we only repair them, along with every other brand. We know E-TEC outboards…PERIOD. We have had a number of E-TEC’s come through our shop since they came out in 2004. Most of them have been in for general maintenance. We have done some major warranty repair on a hand full of models but in almost every case, the issue was either angler or design issues and could have been prevented. We are not saying it’s the anglers fault, but we could point to some boat manufactures as to why they set a motor to high and the E-TEC would over heat. In every case we have dealt with BRP has stood behind their warranty, despite the overall issue. To date we have not seen a common problem with the E-TEC design, and believe they are great outboards. There is something to be said about that. We have seen other manufactures deny claims and point the finger back at the owner.

Update- the E-tecs we are seeing are all looking great… take it from someone who does not sell them, don’t fall for the anti-marketing… Talk to shops who work on them…do your research


  1. I have just gone through my 2nd season with my my new E-Tech, this was bought to replace my older Johnson motor on my Tracker bass boat, I must say that so far that I am very impressed! I use less than half the gas that I used in my older Johnson motor and oil consumption is fantastic less than 3/4 of a gallon in 2 seasons, I live on Lake ontario and work 2nd shift so I am out on the lake 3-5 days per week trolling for trout & salmon 5-6 hours per day April through the fall or up at camp in the thousand Islands area fishing for pike & bass, It is almost as quite as my buddies new 4 stroke Merc and just as fast even though its smaller (20hp less) on the same size and make of boat. We will see if season 3 goes as well as the first 2 but so far so good.

  2. The Evinrude E-tec truly is a great motor. We are seeing more and more e-tec’s on shallow water flats boats, due to the fact that they outperform larger, heavier horse power models.

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